Breaking News: Jews Murdering Non-Jews for Not Following Jewish Law


Just this morning outside of the Clarendon Metro Station in Arlington, Virginia, a man armed with an assault rifle murdered three unarmed individuals who were selling Bibles for their church. The identities of the victims have yet to be released by the Arlington Police Department, but they have identified the gunman as Yonatan Rubin, a 31-year-old Jewish man from nearby Falls Church, Virginia.

This is just one more massacre in a string of attacks from Belgium to Cork, Ireland to the events last week in Ontario, Canada. What are the common denominators? All of the attacks have been by Jewish individuals with links to Rabbi Rabbinski who are killing to protect the name of their G-d.

A rogue network of Jews has been terrorizing the Western world. Led by their rabbinical leader, Rabbi Avi Shmuel Rabbinski, this network has infiltrated the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, and other European nations and is systematically slaughtering innocent Christians and Muslims for writing out the name of G-d (will only use G-d to refrain from upsetting this group).

rabbi militant

Yonatan became involved with Rabbi Rabbinski through various social media platforms on which the Rabbi has been pushing his anti-Western platform. Whether or not he carried out this vicious attack for the Rabbi or whether this was a lone-wolf attack is yet to be determined.

As you may or may not know, Orthodox Jews believe that you are not supposed to write out the true name of G-d as they believe it to be disrespectful. Many Jews believe that not only should you not write the true name, but that even if a title of G-d is written (the word G-d is a title), that item becomes holy and cannot be discarded.

While Christians and Muslims do not believe such an act is disrespectful, Rabbi Rabbinski and his seemingly vast terror network believe such acts by non-Jews amount to not only disrespect, but are sacrilegious, blasphemous, and a complete desecration of G-d himself.

Policy makers on the right and the left cannot seem to agree on how to stop these attacks from continuing. Many on the right have called for an all-out war against the state of Israel. This has been accompanied by a drastic rise in anti-Semitism and violence against Jews in Europe and the Americas.

Policy makers on the left, however, have taken a more passive approach and are calling for an international conversation on multiculturalism and some have even called for a ban on writing out the name and titles of G-d as they believe it is anti-Semitic to disrespect the Jewish religion with that kind of speech.

free speech sign

A small minority in politics and the media have called for the protection of free-speech. They have been on the receiving end of the harshest attacks in the media. Many of these groups are being boycotted, called bigots, and labeled as anti-Semitic hate groups. These “free-speechers” claim that they do not support purposefully offending Orthodox Jews, but instead want this group of Jewish radicals to recognize that many do not believe their religious doctrines and they should not have to follow Jewish laws.

What can we all agree on? That the safety of Christians and Muslims around the world is being jeopardized and there does not seem to be a consensus around any solution.

This piece is not a real story, but instead a piece of satire to show how ridiculous the conversation around drawing the Islamic prophet Muhammad has become around this year’s tragic events in Paris and Texas.

je suis charlie

This past January in Paris, France, two brothers forced their way into the Charlie Hebdo office and killed eleven people while injuring another eleven. Later that day, five more were killed in the Ile-de-France region. What was the reason for these murders? The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo had drawn the Prophet Muhammad and other Islamic leaders satirically.

More recently, two gunmen opened fire at a controversial art convention called the “Draw Muhammad Event.” Both gunmen were killed and no one was injured, however their intent was the same as those who attacked Charlie Hebdo.  They wanted to kill those who drew their prophet.

Granted, this convention was made with the intent to draw the prophet Muhammad knowing that it would be insulting to the over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. I am sure not all of them would find this insulting; however, just because something is insulting does not mean people don’t have the right to do it.


In a pluralistic society, we cannot force others to act as if they believe our own world views or religious doctrines. Just like in my piece, the Jewish terrorists are killing because they believe others should not write a word they find holy. In real life, our society is being scared by threats and murder into not drawing pictures.

They are pictures of a man some believe to be holy in some aspects. However, the rest of us do not believe this and should not be forced to act accordingly. Also, there is nothing in the Qu’ran that says you cannot draw the image of Muhammad. It is only in the Hadith that this statement is made. There is especially nothing that says that it is an act so atrocious that it would be punishable by death.

Additionally, it is not like these are actual pictures of Muhammad. They are cartoon characters that someone has labeled as the Prophet Muhammad.

We should not shame these artists. Instead, we should stand with them against the ridiculous belief of a small minority that a picture is worth the taking of someone’s life.

free speech march